Trucks and trains make up Manaco International’s fleet of overland vehicles. We offer visibility and monitoring services and real time shipment status.

Thanks to our trusted relationships with experienced and reliable subcontractors, we provide organized and flexible overland cargo shipment and work closely with a high-quality network of logistics providers and domestic and international warehouses. Our goal? Seamless, timely, and reliable overland services.

For over fifty years, we’ve worked tirelessly to bring you the very best in dedicated and logistically accurate transportation solutions – and we’re proud to continue that tradition today. We believe that you’re as unique as your cargo – and we’ve moved it all: machinery, medical supplies, and medications to engineering parts, art, food, clothing, household items, and more. From providing hospitals with much needed supplies to making sure that treasured works of art arrive safely to their destination, Manaco International is proud to fulfill a variety of overland cargo needs.

Manaco International offers both Less than Trailer Load (LTL) and Full Trailer Load (FTL) options. For the LTL option, road cargo is grouped with other cargo that is being delivered to the same destination. Pricing often reflects how much space the road cargo needs on the vehicle.

However, if a client has enough cargo to fill an entire trailer, there is a Full Trailer Load (FTL) option. This option has a fixed price; the more the client can ship, the less expensive the price per unit.

Manaco International delivers complete supply chain coverage and our logistic experts ensure that clients’ shipments arrive at their scheduled destination in excellent condition and in a timely manner.

Let us take you on a journey – of trusted simplicity, honesty, and time-tested dedication.