Logistics Partnerships

Manaco International is glad to be your partner in international logistics, whether you want to set up your own supply chain networks or improve the efficiency of existing ones.

We’ll work with you every step of the way to identify the best transportation and warehousing solutions, all while reducing costs and increasing flexibility. Any one shipping modality – truck, train, airfreight or sea freight – typically is just part of the journey. At Manaco International Forwarders, advising on completely coordinated solutions is our core offering to our clients.

Some shipping agents ship cargo or manage contents traveling by domestic trucking. However, not all air freight and sea freight providers are the same, nor are they all specialists in their fields. Manaco International Forwarders, Inc., knows this. It’s why, for the last 50 years, we’ve specialized in worldwide shipping by land, sea, and air – so we can seamlessly partner with our clients in order to meet and exceed their needs.

Even the most experienced importers, exporters, distributors, and manufacturers need the trusted counsel of one of our seasoned shipping advisors. Our local-market advisors are experts in their respective destinations; together, we create a network of professionals that spans the globe and enables us to navigate any local or international regulation or requirement, making sure that no detail is overlooked and any client concerns are promptly addressed.

From consulting with first-time clients and negotiating transport rates to handling custom fees and duties and delivering cargo at its final destination, our services are customized based on our clients’ particular needs. Let us be your partner in every aspect of our customized service.

Talk to us today about our Advisory Services and put 50 years of experience to work for your company.