Relocation Services

It’s said that the most important journeys begin with a single step, but from beginning to end, every step of your relocation is important to us at Manaco International.

For those times when life offers an opportunity to make an exciting new start across the world, Manaco International’s relocation services are available to handle all of the details. With over a half-century as reliable industry leaders, we’ll guide our clients through the relocation process, answering questions, anticipating solutions, and exceeding expectations. The Manaco Advisory Service provides a one-on-one customer service relationship, committed to streamlining your move. All of our agents are highly experienced in the shipment of large and LCL (Less than Container Loads), while working within the detailed confines of special documentation and customs declarations.

From start to finish, we’ll take care of everything. You can trust us to pack your family’s priceless belongings, arrange container delivery and retrieval, and secure transportation for your cargo. We’ll also relocate personal vehicles, from cars to boats.

With Manaco International at the helm, you and your loved ones can rely on us to secure your household and personal items, protecting them from loss and theft. Beyond those basics, our experts will provide key solutions with the goal of cost reduction, efficient transport utilization, and damage control, so you can have faith in us to see you safely through every step of your journey, from your former home to your new destination.