Intermodal Transportation

Intermodal transportation refers to the transporting of goods by several means, including railways, ships, trucks, planes, barges, or landbridges.

Manaco International is proud to offer the many benefits of intermodal transportation to our clients. We trust this time-honored method of goods transport for several reasons.

Intermodal transportation is a budget conscious method to get the best from goods transport and one of the smartest ways for shippers to keep up with the ever-changing economic picture. When companies that move goods work together, savings are a natural part of the process.

Additionally, intermodal shipping is also environmentally friendly, as it combines several different levels of carbon emissions and energy intensity. Using a variety of transportation has a tremendous benefit on CO2 emissions because the shipping vehicles are able to carry large loads.

Intermodal transportation is the result of cooperation between the best of several modes of transportation to make savings and clear, reliable solutions available to clients. This form of shipping is also easily integrated into the logistics chain.

Throughout this carefully coordinated process, state of the art technology and logistics are used to constantly monitor client shipments during each and every mile of the journey. Therefore, intermodal shipping promotes safe transport and a minimum risk of accidents.

Thanks to Manaco International’s decades of experience, you can benefit from this highly cost-effective and seamless transportation system while also reducing the impact that freight movement can have on the environment. Trust us to move your goods in the most cost-effective, eco-friendly manner possible. Manaco International – your choice for intermodal freight shipping.