Computers, cell phones, electronic semiconductors and components, and other high tech items are responsible for improving the ways in which we connect. Technology is an ever-changing landscape. But in contrast to such change, Manaco offers a solid and reliable experience.

We offer clients a professional, high quality, and knowledge based approach to technological sectors. From contract manufacturers to consumer electronics and computer equipment, high tech industries are faced with the need for timely delivery and trusted transportation. Another key point for tech manufacturers and distributors is the safety and security of shipments.

Risk minimization; inbound, outbound, and managed integrated logistics, value-added and warehousing services, after sales logistics, management of returns, and tried and tested security and loss prevention services are just a few of the unchanging, quality-driven solutions that we’re proud to offer. We also manage the stream of goods and information from customers through accurate web tools and vendor-managed applications, allowing clients to only take on inventory ownership when manufacturing needs call for it.

Manaco International – connection at its finest.