Pharma & Healthcare

The transportation of life-saving medication; industry-changing medical devices; diagnostic samples that provide professionals in the medical industry with needed answers and capabilities, is of the utmost importance in what we do.

These diverse examples of the pharma and healthcare industries can transform lives. And Manaco International is uniquely equipped to secure and transport a variety of medically related items. With our temperature-sensitive modes of moving cargo and a range of services for every step of the journey, we use well-planned methods to provide integrated logistics for the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and healthcare fields.

Some of our most important healthcare and pharma services are in the area of product fulfillment, which is available to meet every business and budget; distribution, to ensure transport optimization; and supplier and inventory management. Clients can rely on us for value-driven solutions for all modes of transportation. We’re fully approved for international operations by the U.S. Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and U.S. Customs and Border Protection. We’re also completely compliant with all international customs regulations and TSA guidelines, so your precious, life saving cargo will arrive safely, right on schedule.

Manaco International – changing lives, one shipment at a time.