Forest Products

Forest products are timber, lumber, paper, pulp, and other kinds of products that come directly from trees. From construction to education, many industries rely on these materials to achieve goals.

When moving timber of all kinds, from logs to particleboard and wood pellets, we offer a variety of customer focused services. The same goes for the transportation of wood pulp, from bath tissue and paper towels to packing or graphic papers, as well as recycled papers.

Real time visibility and monitoring, the dedication of logistical experts, customized transport control, warehouse storage, customs compliance and clearance, and fumigation certificates are just a few of our offerings. Let Manaco focus on the cost-per-ton solutions, special permits for payload containers, storage, and more.

Products that come from the natural world are among our most valuable resources. Manaco International is dedicated to fulfilling and exceeding the needs of all forest product centered industries.